Tuesday, July 1, 2014

3 Israeli Teens Found Murdered and Some People Try Justifying It

Susan Abulhawa wrote about the 3 teens who were kidnapped and murdered on June 12th, by some Jew-haters. Her opinion piece appears in The Hindu

The teens were found in a shallow grave in Halhed. It's obvious from where they were abducted that these kids were Jews because the community of Gush Etzion, where they were taken, is a Jewish colony in the West Bank, and besides, these teens wore yarmulkes, or Jewish skullcaps.

Abulhawa described the repercussion brought on by Israel for the kidnappings as a situation where the Israelis "has besieged the 4 million Palestinians who already live under its thumb, storming through towns, ransacking homes and civil institutions, conducting night raids on families, stealing property, kidnapping, injuring, and killing."

She also wrote that Benjamin Netanyahu claims Hamas is responsible for the killings, but said that there is no evidence for this. Of course, Ms. Abulhawa produced no evidence for her anti-Zionist claims, but I'm certain there are plenty of anti-Semitic, pro-Palestinian Muslims who don't really care about evidence. Islam has played the victim for 1400 of their ongoing savagery, so this time is no different. 

When Hamas rockets fall indiscriminately into Israel and kill children, women and other civilians, Palestinians celebrate by handing out sweets. When these 3 innocent teens were taken and killed, Palestinians handed out sweets.

The Koran or Islamic "holy book" refers to Jews and Christians as apes and pigs, and is loaded with anti-Jewish rants. Many extreme Muslims really believe that Jews are not fit to live.

Abulhawa writes, "Thus far, over 570 Palestinians have been kidnapped and imprisoned, most notably a (sic) Samer Issawi, the Palestinian who went on a 266-day hunger strike in protest of a previous arbitrary detention."

You might remember Samer Issawi. He was first arrested on April 15, 2002 by the Israeli army in Operation Defensive Shield during the Second Intifada. Issawi was affiliated with the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine and was alleged to manufacture and distribute pipe bombs and to have fired them indiscriminately at Israeli citizens.

Issawi was convicted of being a member of an illegal [terrorist] organization, possession of explosives, and attempted murder. He was sentenced to 26 years in prison but was released in 2011 along with 1027 other Palestinian prisoners as part of an Egypt-brokered deal between Hamas and the Israeli government for the return of a single Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit. You see, for Israel, one soldier is worth over a thousand terrorists. The deal may be crazy because it encourages more kidnappings, but this is how the Israelis think.

Back in July of 2012, Issawi was re-arrested for violating terms of his release--he left Jerusalem and entered the West Bank. He was convicted and given 8 months to serve, where he could have been given the remainder of his 26 years for his original sentence.

So Abulhawa made light of Issawi, making him sound like a Palestinian folk-hero, which he might be since he enjoys killing Jews. But for Susan Abulhawa to somehow think she can justify the killing of 3 teens in unconscionable and clearly anti-Semitic.

But Abulhawa has an interesting background that might, in part, explain her feelings about Israel, the Jews, and these murdered kids.

Her parents were born in Jerusalem and became refugees from the 1967 war. At the time, her mother was studying in Germany and her father was expelled from Jerusalem "at gunpoint," she says. Her parents reunited in Jordan and moved to Kuwait where Abulhawa was born in 1970. 

Her parents soon separated and she was sent to live with family members in Jordan and Kuwait. At the age of 10, she ended up in an orphanage, and soon came to the USA where, at age 13, she was in foster care in North Carolina.

She is well-educated and studied neuroscience but left it for journalism. In 2006, she wrote a book entitled, "The Scar of David." 

In 2013 she declined an Al Jazeera invitation to discuss the Israel-Palestine issue because 'it frankly pains me that you would conceive of such a forum." She was referring to the fact that Israelis would actually be represented on the panel and she wanted nothing to do with that. This was in spite of the fact that some of the Israelis in question sided with the Palestinians. The fact that they were Jewish, turned her off.

I have to agree with Pamela Geller when she said (and I paraphrase) "When there is  a war between civilized man and savages, side with the civilized man."

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