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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Saba Ahmed Says Yadda Yadda

On June 16th the Heritage Foundation held an event on the Benghazi consulate attack where two of the panelists, Frank Gaffney and Brigitte Gabriel addressed a question asked by the only Muslim in attendance, Saba Ahmed. Hannah Harris Green of  The Nation , a far left waste of web space, claimed that Gaffney and Gabriel ". . . promptly attacked her with an Islamophobic rant." It seems when conservatives answer a question with facts and historical content, leftists claim that they are ranting. When you see the video, you will agree that Ahmed's question was answered respectfully and in Gabriel's case, somewhat passionately; but certainly not as an attack. Judge for yourself by viewing the Benghazi Coalition Event video
Brigitte Gabriel

The Nation quotes one verse in the Qu'ran that says there is no compulsion in religion. "You can't force people to convert,"  Green writes. What she didn't tell you, either because she is clueless or doesn't want you to know,  is that there is a little thing in the Qu'ran called abrogation.

Abrogation is when one Koranic verse (I tend to spell Koran the American way not Qu'ran) is cancelled out by a latter one that usually contradicts it.

 Ibn Abbas, a Muslim scholar, is very clear when he addressed the verse Green referred to that states there is no compulsion in religion: "If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah yadda yadda), never will it be accepted of him; and in the Hereafter he will be in the ranks of those who have lost [all spiritual good]" (3:85). 

If you know anything about the Koran, which I suspect Green is clueless, you know that all the latter [Medina] verses are not generally peaceful.

Green, clearly an appeaser, goes on to say "There are a lot of peace verses 60:08 . . . "

But the rule of abrogation, as I mentioned, came about in Mohammed's (peas be up in him) Medina period, when his army of terrorists increased from about 250 terrorists when they were formed in Mecca, to around 10,500 by the time they killed their way to Medina. 

And just because the sura  Green cited is 60:8, this doesn't mean it came later in time. Sura 2, or "The Sura of the Sword" came later in Mohammed's history. 

The Koran is not laid out chronologically but in terms of the length of the suras--the longer ones are placed first in the Koran, followed by shorter verses, and they have nothing to do with when they were written. Oh, and by the way, they were written by a scribe for Mohammed because he was illiterate. And oh, the scribe often made suggestions to fix inconsistencies which Mohammed agreed needed fixing. So how could the Koran be the word of Allah if a lowly scribe could fix it? Oh, I almost forgot, then Mohammed had the scribe killed when he started asking the same questions.

But back to Saba Ahmed. 

Back in 2006, the then 26 year old Beaverton,Oregon woman (who grew up in Pakistan, which Obama pronounces "Pahkeestahn") made a run for Oregon's vacant congressional seat. Her website featured an Islamic prayer in Arabic. At that time, Ahmed said she was studying for an MBA and a law degree. However, in 2004, she was pursuing a double major: electrical engineering and physics at Portland State University. 

She is a family friend of Mohamed Mohamud (no relation to Mohammed Mohamad Mahammad).

 Mohamud is the Somali teenager who attempted to light up the Portland Christmas tree lighting ceremony with a bomb. Luckily the plot failed but Saba currently denies knowing this terrorist wannabe.

In January of 2011, Ahmed was featured in the local news after she was reported missing by her family. They explained to the police that she was diagnosed with a mental disorder and that she disappeared when she was scheduled to check herself into the Providence St. Vincent Medical Center.

Ahmed claimed she was not diagnosed with a mental disorder but she had a family dispute at the time and attributed the "lie" to that. On her blog, Ahmed explained that it all had to do with a complicated story about her involvement with a romantic involvement in Florida for which she was "unfairly arrested" for stalking and simply being trapped in the home of another man who had two wives (Mohammed had 12, peas be up in him).

Several nights ago, Saba discussed the Heritage Foundation "attack" on her, on 
Hannity She didn't stick to the issue and attacked Brigitte Gabriel instead of actually discussing Sharia law and its effect on women. 

Anyway, the good news is, Saba Ahmed's campaign was as successful as Obama's outcomes--she got less than 1% of the vote. There is a God, but His name isn't Allah, that's the moon god.