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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Lies, Big Lies, and Damn Lies

If some day in the future, they make a commemorative stamp of Barack Obama, I imagine that it won't stick to the envelope. Why should the stamp stick to what it's supposed to stick to when Obama doesn't stick to almost every story he tries to pass off to the American people? 

Obama lies like a trailer park lizard in an 18 wheeler on pay day.

The release of the Taliban Five from Gitmo was done because Bergdahl needed immediate medical treatment--that's what Obama said. But when Bergdahl looked healthy in the video showing his release, the story changed to: "We had to make the trade in secret because the Tahleeebahn (as Obama pronounces it) said they would kill him if the news of the trade went public."

That makes no sense.

First of all, they had five years to cut his freaking head off but they didn't. He spent much of his time playing soccer with the boys and shooting clay soldiers (or whatever) with them. He laughed and said "Salaam" a lot. He seemed to be blending in with them and even grew a manly Taliban beard, a la Mohammed, peas be up in him.

Secondly, congress is not the public. When Obama got Osama the congress got the info about the plan months beforehand and were able to keep it from the public. Nothing has changed in terms of the congressional leadership of the security panel. There was no reason to believe they couldn't be trusted, and even Diane Feinstein is angry at the man whose baby she would have carried.

Thirdly, Burqa-dahl was not a person who served with honor and distinction because he put a uniform on voluntarily. So did Benedict Arnold and Chelsea Manning (the once upon a time guy who we paid  to have his nuts chopped off and then fold away his penis to make him feel as if he were not a man). Come to think of it, since Manning is gay, he's a hero in Obama's mind--not the soldiers he betrayed.

The savages Obama allowed to walk out of Gitmo have no business sucking earth's air, let alone be allowed to rejoin their terrorist scumbags. I believe they will go back out and kill again, if not with their own hands, then through the orders and plans they execute to kill our men.

But the one thing that makes no sense is the fact that Bergdahl is a peon, a snuffy, a worthless asset to the Taliban, especially when compared to the Taliban Five, better known as "The Gang That Couldn't Behead Cleanly." Bergdahl's only value was that a United States president was willing to give the enemy back their leaders for a deserter. Go figure, they must've thought.

To forgo getting the deal done because Obama told the media (even though the AP already knew about the deal because it was leaked to them by the Taliban) would be crazy. And going public is exactly what terrorists want us to do--it's a recruiting tool. 

Just how stupid does Obama think we are?

But that's his story, and he's sticking to it, unlike the stamp.