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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Liberal Attacks Man in Wheelchair

At the Democratic Convention in Dallas, Trey Martinez Fischer
(D- San Antonio) operated his campaign booth and promoting "Loteria" cards, or Mexican lottery cards. The cards contained political figures and featured people with captions. 

For fellow Democrats, he assigned names that were generally neutral or even complimentary, as he did with Wendy Davis, who he referred to as a "courageous lady." But for Greg Abbott, the current Attorney General of Texas who is running against Davis, he had a photo of him with devil's horns and the caption "Diablito," or little devil.

The suffix "-ito" is a diminutive and in this case is derogatory, disgusting and shows a lack of imagination, intellect and ethics. But Fischer is a liberal so I'm not surprised he would make fun of a wheelchair-bound opponent in such a childish way. I wouldn't have put it past him to call Abbott a gimp or something worse.

Liberals suck that way.

Now Abbott and Davis spoke in Dallas, Texas and addressed the issues of education. They split their time equally and their differences were clear.

Abbott believes in "choice within the public school system." Davis does not. Abbott says that school choice gives parents a voice in their kid's education but Davis doesn't want that for parents, who she sees as irrelevant compared to the government.

Davis pleaded her case of a full-day universal pre-Kindergarten for all Texas four year old children. She didn't mention the cost for that would be $750 million per year; but it isn't her money so she didn't think it was important. She also wants higher salaries for teachers, less testing, and would like to make it easier for the intelligence-challenged to get into college and do it for less money. She thinks raising taxes is the way to get this done, and I don't doubt her on that point.

Abbott wants more teacher training and would like to see teacher move away from mandated teaching to avoid "teaching to the test."