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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

David Beats Goliath

Dave Brat beat Rep. Eric Goliath Cantor in the Virginia GOP primary. The results were about 56% to 44%. This is the first time in American history that the House Majority Leader has lost the seat in a primary, and the amazing thing is how David did it.

The issue that did Cantor in is immigration. Cantor had waffled on it for a year, agreeing with the liberal position on immigration reform, calling for a Republican version of the Dream Act, and this had conservatives thinking that Cantor was eventually going to go along with amnesty. This is not a popular position with most conservatives.

Brat teaches economics at Randolf-Macon College, and had a war chest of $200 thousand; he spent a little of $100 thousand for his campaign. Cantor spent about 21 times that amount. It kind of makes you think that a guy like Brat might have some ideas that Obama could have used but didn't. Perhaps Brat has ideas of how to lower the deficit and help the economy.

Interestingly enough, Brat will be running against Jack Trammell, a professor who also teaches at Randolf-Macon College. Imagine the staff lunchroom.