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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Like Hell They Say

The devil in a hoodie
Well, wouldn't you know it; they cancelled the "black mass" that was scheduled to be performed by the Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club. It was supposed to be held in a bar but negotiations with the establishment broke  down and now the kids may have to go to hell to find a venue.

The event was coordinated by Satanic Temple (not to be confused with Temple Beth Shalom) a New York-based disorganization, and they assured devil worshippers that the event will go on, come hell or high water. 

These clueless nose pickers plan to "reaffirm their respect for the Satanic faith and to demonstrate that the most powerful response to offensive speech is to shame those who marginalize others by letting their own words and actions speak for themselves." These are the same cretins who want Rush Limbaugh and Fox News removed from the airwaves.

The ceremony is a parody on the Catholic church but it is also a parody on intelligent discourse. Approximately 400 students and 100 staff strongly oppose the event, which makes these devil worshippers all the more resolute in their desire to rub it in their faces.

The devil worshippers vowed that the cancellation would not silence them, except, perhaps, if Muslims show up at the event. Then they would reconsider their options.

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