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Friday, May 16, 2014

Harry Reid, the "Arizona Kid"

Harry Reid is as honest as a liberal swearing to cut taxes. Now the meek-voiced Senate Majority Leader is denying that he attacks politically active, conservative billionaires.

In his feminine, sotto voce response, the one-time "amateur boxer" said: "The point is this: We can speculate who is my favorite billionaire and everyone else can, but the point is, there's too much money in politics," the fabulously wealthy Reid affirmed, without adding, " on the right."

Harry Reid (aka Hairy Weed) is a phony and an obvious one at that. In an interview with NBC, (aka Nothing But Communism) Reid told Chuck Todd that the Koch brothers are his long-standing opponents, but when Todd stepped out of NBC character and asked Reid why billionaire Sheldon Adelson gets a pass, the Weed said that Adelson's intentions are "more pure." By more pure Weed meant that Adelson sends his money to the Democrats while the Koch brothers send it to the conservatives.

"I know Sheldon Adelson--he's not in this for money," Weed said. "He's in it because he has certain ideological views." (Weed was a mind-reader as a young man, while also being an amateur boxer. He sucked at both, by the way.)

"Sheldon Adelson, don't pick on him," Weed whined, "he's not in it to make money."

Thing is, Adelson already made tons of money and one might imagine, without being a mind-reader, that money is a big motivator in Adelson's life, just like it is with the Weedster.

Weed then went on to promise that he's going after the tails of the Koch brothers, whatever that means. Perhaps it's a hate-love feeling the 'Arizona Kid' has for the Kochs. 

Whenever Harry Reid speaks, I need to turn off the sound. His voice is the embodiment of all the left stands for: it's weak, pathetic, and irritating. He always attacks the right when he's on the Senate floor. 

Harry Reid cheapens American government, but, of course, he's had a lot of help from his party.