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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Everyone Equal Always, Nintendo

We've come a long way as a society. We have elected a black president, made interracial marriage legal, accepted sexual diversity, and have come to the point where if we don't include gay relationships in our children's video games, we  apologize for it.

Nintendo has apologized and swore to include gay couples in their English editions life-simulator video games after coming under fire from gay rights organizations. The company was attacked after refusing to add same-sex relationship content to the game "Tomodachi Life," but then apologized ". . . for disappointing many people by failing to include same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life." The game is set to be released in early June of this year.

While it was not possible to add gay guys and lesbians to the current game, along with people who had operations to change their external sexual make-up, nor depict cross-dressers and whatever other sexual preferences people choose in their lifestyle, they vowed to make changes in their future games. 

Tye Marini, a gay 23 year old from Arizona, started a campaign last month on social media seeking virtual equality for the characters depicted in the game. It is unclear as to Tye's sexual preferences, but if you ask him or her, I'm sure he or she will tell you.

"Nintendo has taken a first step, but if the company's long-time values are rooted in 'fun and entertainment for everyone,' then it needs to catch up to peers like Electronic Arts, which has been inclusive of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) gamers for years," said Sarah Kate Ellis, CEO of GLAAD, the gay media bully organization.

It is projected that others will get in on the indignation and force Nintendo to include their shtick. For example, it is not inconceivable that vegetarians, Democrats, orthodox Muslims, and others with mental disorders will follow suit.

Why not? We all have equal rights, right?

I honestly have nothing against people with different sexual preferences, but just as I don't advertise mine, or march in "Straight Pride" parades, I think it's time to give it a rest. When a parade is no longer needed to show the world that you're okay with who you are, only then will you really be okay with yourself and know that you're accepted.