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Friday, March 28, 2014

The Anti-Gun Gun Trafficker Wannabe Gets Free Pass from Politico

No big story here, at least not for Politico, which probably should consider changing its name to The Libtard Bugle. Read on. 

 Breitbart News' Warner Todd Huston, reported on Thursday how the Democratic anti-gun State Senator from California, Leland Yee was arrested for--guess what--gun trafficking. I believe this story is as interesting as the Herman Cain sexual harassment scandal, don't you? Politico thought the Cain scandal deserved ink--they did about 90 articles on Herman in a two day period, which is more than an article an hour. I know the Larry Craig-playing footsie-with-a dude-scandal got Politico's writers in a moist state of frenzy. They covered it extensively. Google it to see.

But strangely enough, not a peep from them about the Democratic virulently anti-gun Senator who got busted for attempted gun trafficking. Yee even told an undercover FBI agent that he would spend up to $2.5 million on automatic "shoulder-fired" assault weapons. The guns were to be obtained from a Muslim terrorist organization that sells guns for religious reasons. But Politico didn't think it newsworthy to cover the story, which tells me that not one "journalist" from Politico is sponge-worthy.

You see, Yee wasn't just anti-gun--he was so anti-gun that he sentenced a 4 year old boy to 4 years hard playtime for chewing a cookie in the shape of a Glock 9mm. Okay, maybe that didn't actually happen, but you know the story about liberals, cookies, kids and guns. Need I say more?

So next time a liberal tries to throw a quote at you from Politico, tell them that when Politico actually hires journalists instead of Democratic campaign boosters, you'll listen to their tripe.