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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Flight MH 370: the real skinny

New satellite images from China seems to suggest they may have discovered the remains of Malaysian flight MH370. It also suggests that the plane didn't turn left but continued eastbound. I wonder what the conspiracy theorists are going to make of this entire story.

Were the two young Iranian men with stolen passports on a personal jihad quest, unattached to al Qa'ida but simply trying to get to the promised land of virgins, wine, and young boys? Perhaps.

Were the four or five people who decided not to take the flight somehow connected to its disappearance? Maybe.

Were the Malaysians themselves holding out the truth from us because they believed we couldn't handle the truth, or the truth was no in their best interests to reveal? What could the Malaysians be hiding? Possibly anything.

Was Lois Lerner somehow responsible? Probably. But Alex Jones is always a good bet.