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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Panetta: Another James Clapper with a Bigger Nose

"So Barack says to Netanyahu . . . "
Leon Panetta spoke at the Brookings Institute where he admonished Israel and said that they better do more to negotiate with the Palestinians and "Just get to the damned table--". He said that Israel must negotiate for a two state solution, and used some expletives to show the pseudo-macho frustrations of a little man with a large nose. Although he admitted that the failure to negotiate isn't entirely Israel's fault, but he made it clear that Israel should reach out and mend fences with those who share an interest in regional stability--you know, like Egypt, Turkey and Jordan--places that love the Jewish people.

Of course, Panetta's thinking is evidence that he has a thought disorder, is smoking dope, or is simply an Obama zombie. He said that everyone knows what the problem between the two countries are, but it's obvious that Panetta hasn't really a clue about what the problems are between Palestine and Israel: it's Islam, stupid. 

When are we, as a nation, going to "get it?" What will it take to prove to us, in the West, that Muslims detest Jews? When will we believe what they are saying in Muslim countries, like Iran, that Israel must be destroyed, Jews must be killed, and Islam must spread throughout the world? When will we, as a nation, understand that this threat to Israel is no less a threat to us? We're just deeper into the Islamic time schedule of jihad.

The worst thing you can call an Arab is "Jew." This anti-Semitism isn't a new hatred, it's an old, religious one, straight from their "holy book" the Koran, proclaimed to be the actual words of Allah. And this desert god has said in the Koran, that Jews were derived from pigs and apes. But don't think Christians are off the hook--they're the same as Jews, only less piggish or something.

So Panetta can expletive all he damn well wants, it isn't going to change how Islam sees Israel. It does not matter how many concessions Israel agrees to give them. It isn't concessions they want. What they want is an end to Israel. They meant it when they said it the last time, and a thousand times before that. They meant it when they said that Islam will rule the world and the name of Allah will be spoken by everyone. Those who refuse to speak the name of Allah will not be around to refuse. This is the Islamic concept of "peace."

Panetta is truly a danger to himself and others.

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