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Friday, October 21, 2011

Biden's Frightening Rape Predictions

Don't forget to mention rape
 Joe Biden, our eloquent Vice President, said that if Republican lawmakers refuse to pass that part of the Obama jobs bill that allocates more money for cops on the street, there will be more rapes and more people killed because of them. This is, of course, true, for as we all know, whenever a woman is in danger of being raped, a policeman will be close by to fend off the rapist, even though most rapes occur in the privacy of an indoor location, or areas where rapists know are secluded and free of police.

"Debbie Downer" Schultz and NOW Yelling
In response to this piece of Biden wisdom, Republicans called on women's groups and the media, to condemn this blatant idiocy, forgetting that the media might as well be Obama's press committee, and women's organizations, like NOW, besides being totally leftist, have done nothing to actually help women who really need their help. Islamic countries come to mind when thinking of NOW--countries like Saudi Arabia, where women don't have the right to drive, or wear clothing that doesn't make them look like they're walking around in a cloth coffin, or have the same legal rights as their male counterparts. Women, under sharia law (or Islamic law), can be beaten by their husband, and are often "honor-killed" for many reasons, which disgust me to enumerate.

The RNC responded to Biden's campaigning by saying: "No victim of violent crime would ever wish that others were forced to experience the same trauma they went through--especially to make a brazen point. So why would the sitting Vice President of the United States?" Beyond the fact that Biden is an idiot, the answer to that question should be obvious--he wants the bill passed, and he wants Obama to rule the USA for 4 more years.

"His brain? About so big."
Jay Carney, the White House press secretery said, "It would be hard to find anyone who doesn't agree with the simple equation that fewer police officers on the street has a direct effect on the crime rate."

Well, let me be the first--or at least be one of the many--who does not agree with Carney. It was found that even when $19 billion was added to the anti-crime budget to fight rape, it did not decrease, but actually increased significantly. Demographics can be misleading--we need to consider the changes of the number of cops on the street versus those flying a desk. In 2010, the FBI found the crime rates were down sharply, with murders down 4.2% from the prior year; rape down 5%, amd robberies down 10% compared to 2009.  These rates came down at the same time when massive budget cuts were made, showing the lack of relationship of money thrown at the problem versus other tactics employed.

Speaking of other tactics, why do we need the jobs bill to dictate where this money must come from? We can easily cut those porky programs like the Department of Education--a total waste that has produced no positive results since its inception. We can stop the corporation favoritism that Obama has shown to money-pitfailures like Solyndra, and use that money to put more cops on the beat. But let's not pretend that this will lower crimes like rape. Core conservative values, rather than liberal secular values, will lower the crime rates, because morals and honest hard work are more valued and respected by conservatives. 
Joe Biden can say what he wants to liberals because facts are not as important as feelings--and it feels right to say that since Republicans will not support that part of a jobs bill calling for more funding of "cops on the street" it must mean Republicans want women to be raped, and crimes to be committed. But when you look at the party differences in an honest way, it's the conservative Republicans who want our laws and Constitution taken seriously, not the liberal Democrats. The differences are clear and the lines have been drawn. Liberty and freedom versus a nanny state that will clean up the garbage behind the unwashed, confused, and agry brats who occupy too much time and recognition.