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Monday, December 19, 2016

They're melting, they're melting

It's so, so very sad. So so. Shocked and extremely appalled snowflakes are incredibly upset over the prospect of having Donald Trump as their president. Some Hillary supporters, including her cheating husband, Bill, have turned to attacking the election outcome and are trying to delegitimize the election like Hillary did with her husband's victims.

Even Donna Brazile, who tried to influence the election by providing Hillary with the primary debate questions is upset over how the Russians "tainted" the election outcome. If anyone can speak to tainting, it's Ms. Brazile.

What a total bummer to think that Hillary Clinton, the Hillary Clinton, would lose to Donald Trump. 

How could such a crude, rude and inept dude con man be elected president? It's an unthinkable nightmare. How unfair.

The Russian and Comey reasoning didn't work, so it must be the system. Yes, the Electoral College is the problem . . . that must be it. Those freaking Founding Fathers. What do fathers know anyway? Hillary had more popular votes, so she's more popular and should be the next president. The first woman president, as she currently identifies her gender that way.

So big deal--Trump had more electoral votes--306 to Hillary's 232. Why is that allowed?

Because it keeps large populated states from over-representing the election outcome. California, for example, single-handedly turns Trump's plurality in the popular vote into a Clinton plurality.

The "fly-over" states have fewer people, but they need to have their say in the election, and with the electoral vote, they do.

Under our electoral-vote system we elected a national president, not California's choice for the office. Clinton voters need to understand that this election was legitimate just as Hillary Clinton urged Donald Trump to do after the third debate.

The Electoral College worked as it was supposed to work and Trump has now gotten all the votes he needed (270) and then some. The outcome was what America wanted and what America did not want--and that Donald Trump as president and Hillary Clinton as the "Second Place Runner Up."