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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Avid Trump supporter will forever vote Democrat (now that he's dead)

Assemblyman Bill Nojay, once an avid Donald Trump supporter and now a likely Democratic voter, was facing a fraud trial. But, in spite of that,  he won his primary election on Tuesday. 

Unfortunately for Nojay, he killed himself last week and now the dead Republican will likely be voting for the other party, if you know what I mean.

Nojay was a vocal Second Amendment advocate and backed Trump's bid for president, but he was facing a fraud trial in Cambodia and was supposedly under the watchful eye of the Hillary campaign advocacy group known as the FBI.

The late assemblyman went to his family's cemetery plot in Rochester, NY when police arrived at which point he shot and killed himself to avoid arrest.

Despite the fact that he is now dead, Nojay's lifeless body beat challenger Rick Milne, as he collected 58% of the vote with 88 percent of the voting districts counted. Thus, Nojay had 2,098 votes to Milne's 1,539.

This is yet another example of how voters prefer a "hands-off" government to an interfering, over-regulating, dishonest and taxing liberal one.

Nojay, who will forever be 59, was first elected to the Assembly in 2012, but faced growing legal troubles that included charges of fraud in Cambodia involving a one million dollar investment in a proposed rice exporting business that failed. He was also to appear in federal court on Friday on fraud charges regarding a $1.8 million trust fund overseen by him for a longtime client and buddy.

Nojay shot and killed himself in front of a Rochester police office who responded to a call to "check the welfare: of an individual in the area. Nojay's attorney is believed to have made the call after Nojay said that he wanted to kill himself.

Milne, his opponent in the primary and mayor of Honeoye Falls, stopped campaigning after the news of Nojay's suicide.

Oddly enough, Milne was able to scratch out one additional primary vote, if you know what I mean.