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Monday, March 11, 2013

Due To Sequestration

Now that the sequestration deadline has come and gone, and the nation is at medium alert (due to sequestration, there is no more high alert), we can now anticipate how this is going to affect us as a civilized society.

The White House is closed to tours because it's spring break and the kids want to see where Obama goes when he's not on vacation. It costs governmental chump change to keep the tours open ($74,000 per week on average), and the head of the WH tours is still employed there (at about $100,000 annual salary), along with the White House calligrapher (about the same salary), but Obama's cronies cannot find a better place to cut. So the GSA parties and other government parties will continue, Moochelle Obama will continue to in a separate jet to Spain and other cool vacation spots around the world while hubby goes golfing with the stars; and actual patriots and kids who want to see the White House will have to be satisfied seeing statues and memorials of presidents far better than Barry while visiting Washington D.C.

I tried to get a trend going on twitter about how ridiculous this sequestration ploy is on the part of Obama. If you want to see some of my thoughts, go to #DueToSequestration and hopefully you'll get a good laugh. But of course, it's really no laughing matter. We have got to win in 2014 and again two years later.