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Friday, December 14, 2012

An American Tragedy

Newtown, CT: Adam Lanza, twenty years old, woke up this morning, got his mother's gun and shot her in the face, killing her.  Then he went to the school where she taught and began shooting the children from her class.  Eighteen children died outright and two more died in hospital, and six adults were dead when it was all over.

Lanza used weapons that belonged to his mother, and they were legally purchased.

So what we know is that the shooter shot his mother in the face, then killed the children she loved, and then he shot himself.

I believe that this is not a matter about gun control.  This isn't political.  This is becoming a serious societal issue having to do with the devaluing of human life and the media's glorification of violence.  My heart and prayers goes out to the parents of the children and families of all the victims, whose shock is unimaginable, and whose grief has to be boundless.

Please have the sensitivity to not make this political and keep it in perspective--it was the act of a seriously mentally ill person, an act that needs to be better understood to prevent a recurrence; not to ratify or support a political agenda.