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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Last Minute Flushings on the Election

Throw Like a Girl Olympics
Mitt is on his way to Columbus Ohio while Barry heads out to play.  Barry likes to play--he plays basketball, he plays golf, and he plays with our money by investing it in what he likes to invest it in--not what we necessarily like.  But his chances of getting re-elected seem pretty good. What does this tell me?

It tells me just how incredibly powerful the leftist media is.  They have continued throughout Obama's dismal four year run, to convince liberals that he's doing a good job and the country is heading in the right direction.  No, no, no--the country is heading in the left direction (said in Reverend Jeremiah Wright's voice, if you can imagine).

Everything Obama said when criticizing George Bush about the economy he has made much worse, but the leftist media doesn't discuss this.  Everything Obama failed to do as a leader has gotten Americans killed in Benghazi, but it took one news outlet, Fox, to get the leftist media to even discuss it, and the cover up will not be discussed until after the election.

Bruce Springsteen has accompanied Obama on the royal jet and sang a song he wrote about Obama.  Like The Boss, our president is a celebrity, not a leader, and cannot honestly claim any success in his four years beyond calling the go-ahead for the SEALs to get bin Laden--even an idiot like Joe Biden would have made that call--wait--he advised Obama against it because it wouldn't look good politically if he screwed it up.  This is the crappy leadership we elected in '08 and I hope, I really pray, that we have learned from our mistake.

My latest novel, Jihad Joe, is about Islamic terrorism and suspense.  In it I challenge the precepts of the religion through my protagonist, Zed Nill, a journalist, captured by terrorists and who is destined to be killed if the American President refuses to release three Gitmo prisoners.  Of course, American policy demands we never give in to terrorists, and for Zed, the clock is ticking.

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