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Sunday, October 21, 2012

What Romney Needs to do to Win the Debate

The third and final Presidential debate is tomorrow night.  I changed my work hours in order to be home to watch it because I believe this election will be the most important American presidential election we will have in our lifetimes.  

I have no doubt that Mitt Romney can president circles around Obama but due to the fact that he didn't need to bs his way through life, he is at a debating disadvantage to Barack.  He needs to change tactics to win.
Obama looking presidential or not

First of all, if Mitt gets yet another lib-loving moderator, he needs to challenge him or her when it becomes obvious that Obama is being helped.  Mitt needs to confront the moderator directly and point out the fact that the job of a moderator is not to define, avow, confirm, or give an opinion.  In other words, the moderator should shut up and moderate.  Candy Crowley is a great example of how not to be an unbiased moderator.  And when she finally walked back her bs statement about Libya, the American viewing public had already turned off their TVs and began playing with their iphones and other distracting electronic paraphernalia.  

Next, Mitt needs to have the guts to bring up Libya, the death of our Ambassador, Obama's failed foreign policies, and the economy, and stop defending himself on his lack of experience about anything Obama mentions.  Jeeze, Obama had zero foreign experience when he was elected, and his economic acumen was based on Marxist economics--the *OPM factor (*other people's money).  If Obama mentions Mitt's lack of specificity, Mitt needs to bring up Obama's lack of a plan altogether, and how Obama spoke about the death of Chris Stevens as "not optimal."  One can only wonder if Stevens and the other Americans were sacrificial lambs in order to keep the peace in Libya, and pretend al Qaeda is on the run.

Finally, if Obama uses his feigned indignant self-righteousness about Libya, and his  how dare Romney accuse him of lying, Mitt needs to hammer him until it becomes obvious, even to the staunchest liberal that something stinks in the White House, and it isn't his list of socialist, anti-American, anti-Semitic visitors.