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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Obama's Psychodynamics

He wants to be President but he doesn't want the job of president--he would rather golf as president than make tough presidential decisions--he would rather be a celebrity president than the Commander in Chief behind closed doors.

Obama needs to be seen as "cool," brilliant and even godlike, which is why he appears on Letterman, Leno, The View, MTV and Pimp with a Limp, not to mention Rolling Stone and all around your radio dial.  There is no sound more beautiful to Obama than the sound of his own voice spewing wisdom to his loyal followers.  To those who oppose him, he is a vicious adversary and a worthy campaigner.  But once elected, he is as useful as a rubber crutch at a VA Hospital.

Obama grew up with an absentee black father who was a Muslim and a communist, and a white mother of the same political persuasion.  His parents met in a college Russian language class, and although Barack Senior was married to a woman who remained in Kenya, he took Stanley Ann Dunham as his second wife, and soon thereafter,  little Barack was born.  But Barack Senior returned to Kenya during Barack Junior's formative years, and little Barack's memories of his father were those of a child, filled with contrivances and yearnings, and wrought with inaccuracies.  As an adult, Barack Hussein Obama continued to try pleasing this father and spoke glowingly of him in his autobiography--he gave no credit to the white mother who raised him on her own.  No wonder he uses racism to his advantage and has gained power on the back of white guilt.  And think of the narcissism it takes to write your autobiography before the age of thirty . . . twice.

If you watched Obama's Grinch-like facial expressions during the presidential debates, it should have been obvious to you that he handles confrontation rather poorly.  He became enraged whenever Mitt Romney attacked his impotency with the economy and foreign affairs, and his lack of understanding about job growth.  The irony is, however, Obama supporters don't consider his actual ability, they consider his presentation of his ideas and they want so much to believe him.

Barack Hussein Obama is a megalomaniac.  The only difference in Obama's case, however, is that his delusions of power and relevance have become reality because he has convinced the American public that he had something special and new to offer.  The hope and change he promised has become negative change with the hope that he will be a one term president.

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