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Monday, October 8, 2012

Joe, We Can Hardly Wait for the Debate

No doubt Mitt won the debate, in spite of the 20% who would have said Obama won even if his man part was sticking out of his pants when he went on stage.  Even the lamestream media had to admit that he won because if they didn't they'd look like a horde of anal sphincters stuffed with rice.

What Romney must continue to do is attack Obama's people, especially about their claims that Mitt lied.  I think Mitt also needs to attack him on the Libyan screw up and stop trying to defend himself against the bs claims the left is making about him. 

In the upcoming VP debate, Ryan also needs to attack Obama on his foreign policy and not worry so much about defending his budgetary ideas.  Joe Biden is hiding to prepare for this debate and I can picture him with electrodes sticking to his head while data is being fed to his brain.  It shouldn`t take long to fill it, I suppose.

So we shall see on Thursday just where this race is going.  Just 29 days to go as of this writing and I'm stoked.  I just hope Biden is the old Joe we know and love to help the GOP cause.