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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Brain Flushing About the Debate and More Thoughts

It's less than two hours before the VP debate and I'm watching Fox News as I get ready for "The Thrill in the Ville," as Shep Smith called it.  Martha Raddatz will moderate the debate, and although her ex-husband had a slight academic relationship with Barack, I believe she will be slightly impartial, which for liberal moderators is a miracle.

Meanwhile, Turkey stopped a Syrian airline (whose name is Syrian Airlines, I believe) and allegedly found Russian made weapons aboard.  Syria and Russia both deny the claim but in this modern day age where people in high positions lie about terrorist attacks and illegal operations where guns are walked into other countries and put in the hands of drug lords, it's hard to tell the truth, to tell you the truth.

The Massachusetts pharmaceutical company that made the tainted pain killer that caused a meningitis breakout and has to date killed 12 people and infected over a hundred others, is under investigation.  Obama is claiming this company was a Bain start-up and the person directly responsible for the deaths is Mitt Romney.  Just kidding--I think.

There is a rumor going around that Obama is actually a millionaire himself and has never paid a penny more in taxes than he had to pay.  Maybe Paul Ryan can bring this point up in the debate, but I suspect he has other fish to fry, and it isn't even Friday.

A gunman killed a security staffer in Yemen and al Qaeda is taking the credit for the cold blooded, jihadist-inspired, Muhammad emulating murder.  Dead nonbelievers is the jihadist definition of peace.  May the religion of peace, the religion of tolerance, go away.  

Obama is blaming the Romney-Ryan campaign for the Libyan attack and Mitt came back strongly against the Attacker in Chief.  In fact, today at Coral Gables, Florida, the president gave a speech and his audience appeared quite young, perhaps having a mean age of 25 and a mental age of 6.  I saw a young woman in the crowd actually jump up and down like a game show winner when Obama made fun of Mitt--this is the mentality of Obama's robots.

I will not blog during the debate but will do it later tonight or tomorrow.  I will, however, make a prediction: Ryan wins, the Village Idiot loses.