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Sunday, October 16, 2011

6 Reason Why Liberals Suck

First of all, let me be very clear, not all liberals suck. There are unborn liberals, that is, liberals yet to be born, and to say they suck is unfair to the unborn. But the issue of the unborn is precisely one of the reasons liberals who have been born do suck.

1. Abortion: liberals will hold vigils through the night; they will march and chant, all to protest the death penalty and save the lives of murderers. They say all life is precious and to take a life, in spite of the fact that the sentenced has taken life, is wrong. But these very same liberals who would save the life of a murderer refuse to march and protest to save the lives of the unborn. Many liberals feel that it is a woman's right to choose whether or not the baby she is carrying should live or be killed; the baby has no right to be part of that decision, nor is a lawyer called forth to speak for the child because the law is on the liberal's side. Just because the law allows for abortion does not make it right; it simply makes it legal. If the life of a murderer is precious, and all life is precious, why doesn't the life of the unborn fall into the same category? Why does a woman have more rights than a baby? Since Roe v Wade there have been around 45 million babies put to death, in most instances because the baby was "inconvenient" or otherwise "unwanted." That isn't the baby's fault; it's the fault of the people engaged in creating the life. Adoption is a viable alternative to abortion. In fact, adopted children do better than children coming from single parent homes, and even better than many coming from two parent homes. If adoption were not a viable alternative, and abortion was the only way to go, you would not have the iPhone--Steve Jobs was adopted, and he did pretty well for himself.

2. Illegal Immigration: Liberals think the Dream Act is decent and moral. It certainly seems like a nice thing to do--it allows illegal aliens to come to our country without going through the legal proceedures, get jobs, education, medical care, and anything that a legal resident is entitled to have and the taxpayer foots the bill. Liberals don't even like the term 'illegal aliens' and would rather we call them 'undocumented immigrants.'  To me, that's like saying a drug dealer is an unlicensed pharmacist.  I think the Dream Act is immoral. It subordinates legal aliens and citizens who also work hard and pay taxes because it allows out of state illegals to pay in-state college tuition while a legal immigrant and regular citizen has to pay out of state rates. Thus, an illegal Mexican alien can go to Texas A&M for about $8454 a year while an out of state citizen pays around $22854.  Why should a person who comes to the USA illegally, be allowed to pay for college tuition at the rate of a state resident, living out of state, when a legal out of state resident has to pay a higher rate than the illegal? Why should our tax money be used to pay for entitlements to those who come here to steal these benefits? Imagine the tax burden for us with medical care.

3. Freedom of Speech: Our First Amendment right of freedom of speech includes speech that may cause anger, disgust, or disagreement. Liberals pretend that when they say things against the government, the establishment, for example, that they are exercising their right to free speech, and they are. But ask them if Fox News should be thrown off the air and listen to what they say. Not all of them, of course, just the ones who have already been born and are still changing oxygen into carbon dioxide. If you don't believe that, go to Youtube and see the videos on college campuses that ask the question about this subject, and also about books by conservatives like Bill O'Reilly. If it were up to liberals, only they would have freedom of speech, which brings me to the next item on why liberals suck.

4. Whining whimps: Liberals own the media except for radio and the blogs, and still they bitch and moan about Rush Limbaugh and how his tongue should be torn from his head, and his radio show should be banned from American airwaves.  They hate Hannity, John Stossel, and Bill O'Reilly, and I'm fairly certain they have never really watched any program of theirs in its entirety. They say Fox is biased but they seem to be the only media that has actual people on who belong to the Democratic party. The liberals complain about everything that doesn't go entirely their way. 

5. Racism: Only Conservatives are racists; liberals are the moral party for people of color and for those of the Muslim faith. That is why the Democratic party is the moral party while the Republicans are the racists of America. Oh wait, Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. were Republicans, weren't they? But Democrats always stood up for equal rights, like in the south, against racists like George Wallace in Alabama. Oh, wait, Wallace was a Democrat and it was Eisenhower who sent troops there to desegregate the schools, and he was Republican. And Bull Connor with his attack dogs and water cannons was a Democrat too. In fact, in 1960, Connor was elected Democratic National Committteeman for Alabama. Remember, Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president and was elected by the people to fight the Democrats and their conspiratorial aquiescence to southern slavery. 

Pelosi Hugs Earth's Rectal Thermometer
6. Hypocrisy:  When I think of the word hypocrite, the first person who comes to mind today is Charlie Rangel (D-NY). Old Charlie was down at the Occupy Wall Street stinkfest in support of the "cause," which still isn't fully clear. The protestors want to be forgiven all their student loans, as well as the loans of their compatriots less educated than they in Hate Studies 101 and Advanced Socialism 203. They also want good jobs. If they got the banks to forgive the loans, the banks would go out of business and the job market would be flooded with ex-bankers who are more qualified to work real jobs than the protestors. In fact, some of the protestors were offered real jobs and they refused saying they needed to be at the protest to make their point. Another person who comes to mind when hypocrisy is uttered is Nancy-I-Party-On-Your-Dime-Pelosi. Both Rangel and Pelosi have fully supported the bank bailouts issued by our one-term marvel, Barack Obama, and they pretend that they support the issues the Occupy Wall Street protestors support. My question is, if the Occupy Wall Street protestors have little clue of the actual issues they are protesting, and an inability to articulate anything very coherent through their drug-induced haze, how can the Democrats say they support them? Oh wait, they support their First Amendment rights to protest, but not Fox News, nor the rights of the people who live in the Wall Street area who just want to come home after a hard day's work and relax, rather than be yelled at for wearing clean clothing. I wonder if Rangel and Pelosi support the anti-Semitic sentiment that's in the air along with a horrible odor like something died.

So if a conservative friend says to you "Liberals suck," set them straight. The unborn liberals have yet to suck, but they likely will--unless they're aborted.